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April 4, 2020

50 Shades of Used Cars: Which One Colour Should You Buy

Jun 3, 2017

In this world full of colours, it can be a tough task to choose a colour in used car. You may not always get a wide range of color choice for used Hyundai Santro Xing in Bangalore. In such cases how do you determine which colour car would be ideal for you?

Think About Resale

Even though you are purchasing a second hand car you may sell it after some years. So think about which colour would get you a better value during this second resale. White and black colours are two popular colours that fetch better resale value in the market. They have been top picks of resale buyers for a very long time now.

Think About Paint Job

If you are planning to go ahead and get paint job done on the car then you need to be careful with the colour selection. There are some shades that are not easily available in the workshops. This means you may have to get the paint done from company’s workshop which can be expensive. There are also a few shades that do not look good with just patchwork of spray paint.

Think About Natural Conditions

There are a few darker shades of colours that do not work in areas that have very high temperatures. These dark shades heat up the interiors of the car too much damaging the upholstery. Such temperatures also add an extra load on the air conditioning system of the car which in turn reduced the mileage.

Think About You

The colour of the car is often the representation of the personality of the owner. So if you are a subtle person, you may not want a car with flashy colours. Similarly, you may not prefer steel grey if you are not tech savvy.

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