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June 1, 2020

Design is all about not only making things look good and pretty, it’s about functionality, usability, ease of access, and much more. In a nutshell it’s about making things fit for purpose, and nowhere exist more stark contrasts of negative and positive design than you are on the planet Wide Web.

To be able to uncover whether a website is ‘fit for purpose’ certain questions have to be requested, for example: Is really a website simple to use? Are you able to discover the information you had been seeking easily? Can the website be located by search engines like google? May be the site available to individuals with vision impairment? can how big the written text be produced smaller sized or bigger? Could it be obvious to viewers with colour blindness? Can the website easily be navigated using screen readers software? Many of these things, and much more, need to be considered when making for that Web – which is particularly important for any business presence on-line where issues for example ease of access are not only seen advisable, but nowadays a legitimate responsibility.

Publishing around the Web is a reasonably simple process and appears to become getting simpler each day as always more enhancements are created to WYSIWYG as well as on-line editors. However, there’s much proof of ‘bad’ design seen on an array of web pages most of them featuring cyan text on yellow backgrounds, and a good amount of animated gifs and flashing, scrolling, blinking text in most fonts, sizes, colours and designs – your eyes hurt and also the mind aches when faced with your examples!

Having the ability to place the pages of the Website plus a WYSIWYG editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver doesn’t create a person a web designer. Not too Microsoft or Adobe want that notion to become common understanding for anxiety about losing sales of the high finish software to amateur designers.

But it is not only the glaringly apparent tacky bad taste websites that are in fault. The number of occasions are we seen a truly gorgeous, sufficiently good to eat almost, Flash based site that looks fantastic but is tough or nearly impossible to make use of? I understand I’ve, several occasions! Where’s the navigation? How come it take ages for that pages to load? Why can’t I’ve found the data I want? Exactly why is the written text around the page so small? And so forth…

The thing is it appears that in examples such as the above, the ‘designer’ has overlooked fundamental functionality towards attempting to make the web pages look ‘cool’ – and that’s not design whatsoever.

So it may be observed that the merits of excellent Web design encompass both practical and also the aesthetic. Yes, you want to make our sites look great (‘cool’ even) but we should also ensure that they’re visible and simple to use for everyone. To miss these fundamental factors could be irresponsible and possibly even disastrous for that lengthy term way forward for the web site.

Internet users have varying criteria on what websites they find attractive. But, having a cool web design will appeal to almost all kinds of users. You can trust an expert designer to help you achieve this kind of web design.

Kenyon Justin

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