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April 4, 2020

‘Branding’ is often considered to be a relevant yet overused term in marketing. Typically, it’s all about how people perceive your brand, and that extends beyond product and services. Yes, your customers are important and you have to find ways to woo them, but what about your employees? Despite all those low things said about the job market, potential candidates and talented employees are always in hunt for better opportunities. Your company needs to become a brand where employees and applicants would want to work and be associated with, and that’s exactly where employer branding becomes more important.

Employer branding and HR marketing

HR marketing, for the uninitiated, involves using the concepts of marketing for human resources. Both HR marketing and employer branding are closely associated. The purpose of human resource marketing is to establish your company as an employer brand. Today, there are agencies like that specialize in human resource marketing, and if you talk to a few, you will realize how they have changed the fortunes of small and big brands alike.

Is HR marketing ideal for small businesses?

In fact, HR marketing is more relevant and important for small companies and startups. Keeping the economic climate in mind, it is essential to understand that retention rates are not improving. Startups and small businesses don’t have the big paychecks to offer, which is why they need that extra effort to be enticing to both current employees and potential candidates.

What does it take to become an employer brand?

Employer branding is a comprehensive process that involves a considerable amount of work. Right from the recruitment policies to how internal presentations, workshops and training is done, all things matter. The presence of the company at all the right places is also important. For example, when you want to attract the right employees, you have to consider being there for job fairs, etc. If you have hired a company for HR marketing, they will also look into the market to understand how competitors are attracting and retaining talent and other relevant aspects.

Much like marketing, HR marketing is a continuous thing and it matters for businesses in the long run. If you haven’t considered this as an option as yet, you are risking your current workforce and the possible chances of attracting top talent, both in the present and future. Check online now to find more relevant details on employer branding and agencies that specialize in it.

Kenyon Justin

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