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April 8, 2020

The anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders is basically the synthetic form of testosterone. Testosterone is the natural hormone produced by both men and women that regulatetheir body’s basic functions. As per the doctors, anabolic steroids are used to treat many medical conditions like the muscle wasting symptom in AIDS, testicular dysfunction or delayed puberty. Intake of steroids for long term or in high dosage can cause harmful side effects. If you do not follow the prescribed dosage, then steroids can prove to be very harmful to your health.

The side effects caused

Anabolic steroids are basically powerful hormones that affect your whole body. There are some general side effects and some that are gender specific. Few of the general side effects are acne, baldness, jaundice, oily skin and scalp, rupture of tendon, damage the liver, mood swings, raise the level of bad cholesterol and cause heart problem etc. Steroids can cause serious problems in men like development of breast, infertility, impotency, painful erections etc. Women are also not spared from its side effects. In women, steroids cause problems like the growth of unnecessary body and facial hair, enlarged clitoris, reduction the size of their breast, intensified voice etc.

The safety factor

It is basically illegal to either distribute or acquire anabolic steroids without a doctor’s prescription for non-medical use. Most experts have an opinion that anabolic steroids should always be used under the supervision of a doctor so that so that the changes in your body can be monitored regularly. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe steroids for any kind of non-medical usage. Usage of anabolic steroids is neither safe in oral nor injectable form. But all steroids do not cause similar side effects. Basically, there is no safe dosage of such steroids. If you decide to use the same, then you should stick to a minimum dosage and stop its usage as soon as you notice any kind of side effect. Some people have an idea that higher dosage can give you better results. This is not true, the receptors in your muscles become saturated after a point of time.

Minimizing the side effects

By now, you must have got a clear idea that usage of high dosage of steroids can cause serious problems to your health. So, whenever you experience any of these side effects then you should immediately consult with your doctor and stop the usage of the same. There are several instructional guidance a doctor can help you with which ensures minimum side effects like:

  • Usagein low dosage
  • Never share the syringes or needles with other people
  • Always use a new needle and ensure the site of injection is sterile
  • While using any oral steroid, make sure the packaging is not tampered
  • Never use diuretics along with anabolic steroids
  • Do not use other drugs to treat the side effects and immediately stop using the steroid
  • Consult your doctor as to what is the exact type of anabolic steroid you are using

So, after you have gone through this article, now you must be having a fair idea about how to use steroids safely.

Kenyon Justin

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